Thursday, May 19, 2011


This picture has nothing to do with my post but let's face it, blogs are much more fun to look at with pictures. And he's just too cute! This pic was taken right after Jason took Jackson to the ASU football practice. Jason loves taking Jackson to any sporting event. Go Sun Devils!

So I'm an idiot and I forgot my camera but I did the Brazilian Blowout on my friend Rachel, it is amazing! I highly recommend it to anyone with curly/ frizzy hair. On another note, our dog Bella ran away from home yesterday. I accidentally left the door open for a minute and she got out. Long story short, we got a call from the pound today and I went to get her, $175 later she is home safe and sound. I can't believe they can charge people that much for their own dog but apparently they can and they do. Sorry no new pics, but I will have ton to post after this Saturday, Jackson's first Birthday party, I am sooooo excited!!


DeWitts said...

What a cutie! You better post tons of pics of jackson's party. Wished we could be there.

Bekah: said...

Kristy! We got Jackson's cute invitation this week. We would have loved to come. But I'm hosting a baby shower today for my good friend from 1-3. Sorry we can't make it! Lets plan something soon! Have a great day!

dane said...

That is one amazing picture, you should show ASU officials, because he would be a great mascot for the school's website, posters, etc.